Create Item

To get to the Create Item page, log into your Fillz account, then click on Inventory -> Create Item.

You can use this page of your Fillz account to enter new items. When you add items to Fillz, they are  automatically sent to the marketplaces you have activated through Fillz.

SKU: Fill in a unique identifier for your listing. This can contain letters and/or numbers. Do not put spaces in your SKUs. While this is currently accepted by Fillz, not all marketplaces support this. Some marketplaces may remove the spaces, resulting in Fillz not being able to allocate items to orders received.

Product ID: Fill in the ISBN/ASIN/EAN/UPC for your item, if you have it. If you hit “Enter” on your keyboard after typing this in, Fillz will populate the Title and other details of the listing by matching it to Amazon’s catalog.

  • If you do not have an ISBN/ASIN/EAN/UPC, you can click the Switch to Non-Catalog Item button at the top of the page to create a listing with only details that you provide (this page would let you type in the Title, Author, etc.). Please note that in order to add a non-catalog item to Amazon, you must provide specific fields, detailed here.

Override Title: You can override the title that is sent to eBay, should you not want us to export the title we receive from Amazon. Note that this will only apply to eBay.

Base Price: This will be the default price for your item.

Quantity: Type in the quantity number that you have for this item.

Condition: Select the condition of your item from the drop down list. The last saved condition will appear when you next use this page.

Image URL: If you have a picture of your item hosted on a website, you can fill in the URL for your picture here. Image URLs will be uploaded to AbeBooks, eBay and Chrislands, as well as to Amazon (only if your listing results in a new product page being created on Amazon).

Make Active: Ensure this box is checked to have your item sent to marketplaces.

International: If you check this box, your item will be available for shipping internationally if you list on eBay or Chrislands. This field does not apply to Amazon listings.

Expedited: If you check this box, your item will be available for expedited shipping if you list on eBay and/or Chrislands. This field does not apply to Amazon listings.

Note: Fill in your item’s description here. Remember - buyers like details!

Market Specific Prices: You can fill in prices to override your default price when the listing is being sent to particular marketplaces.

Shipping Templates: To manage your shipping options for Amazon listings, you must enter a shipping template name using the exact spacing and capitalization shown on the 'Shipping settings' page of your Amazon Seller Central account. If you provide a default template, it will be sent to Amazon if no market specific template has been entered into Fillz. If you provide a market specific template, the market specific template name will be sent to that specific Amazon marketplace.

Handling Time: The time, in days, between when you receive an order for an item and when you can ship the item. Should not have more than one value. Should not have range of days or word "days" at the end. This value will be sent to Amazon(s) only.

To specify your handling time for Amazon listings, enter a positive integer. If you provide a value in the default field, it will be sent to Amazon if no market specific value has been entered into Fillz. If you provide a market specific value, the market specific value will be sent to that specific Amazon marketplace.

Cost: If you would like to keep track of what you paid for an item, you can fill in your cost amount here. This can come in useful if you decide to competitively re-price your items by using a pricing script.

Source: If you would like to keep track of where you received the item from, you can fill this information in here. This too can be useful if you decide to use a pricing script in the future.

Location: You can fill in the location of this item on your shelves/bins, etc. so you can easily find the item when you receive an order.

Category: If you will be listing on eBay, ChrisLands, or AbeBooks, you can fill in a catalog/category name here and your item will be displayed in a catalog/category under this name on the marketplace. To put items into sub categories, use “:” between the categories.

  • Example: Books:Non-Fiction:Art

Brand: Fill in the brand name of your product, up to 65 characters. This field is required by eBay for some products.

Manufacturer Part Number:  Fill in the Manufacturer's Part Number (MPN) for your product, up to 65 characters. This field is required by eBay for some products. 

Additional UIEE: This box will allow you to fill in more information about your listing than what we have fields for. You must add a prefix to each line so we can map the data you’ve entered (ie - for the first example below, PBYR| indicates the data on this line is a year). Here are some examples:

PBYR|1963             (Publisher year)
ISBN|0553205943 (ISBN) SUB1|History Canada (Keywords) JCKC|No Jacket (Jacket condition) EDNT|First Edition (Edition) SGNT|Signed by Author (Indicate if Signed) INAM|John Doe (Illustrator name) SIZE|7x 5 x 1 inches (Item dimensions) PBPL|Victoria, BC (Publisher place)

If you are listing a non-catalog item on the “Non-Catalog Item” page (this means you clicked on “(Switch to Non-Catalog Item)” when you first came to the Create Item page) you will want to make sure you fill in the publisher year if you would like the item to be accepted by Amazon. If your Book is from 1973 or later, you need to also enter the ISBN in the UIEE field (as specified above).

In order to assign ASINS Amazon does require values in the following 5 fields:

  • Title
  • Author
  • Media (for Amazon’s accepted Binding Values, click here).
  • Publisher
  • Publication Date (This must be in the Additional Attributes field, such as PBYR|1995)
Final Step: When you have finished filling in the information for your item, click on Save Item at the bottom of the page. This will save the listing to your Fillz inventory, and leave you with a fresh page so you can enter more items. If you have marketplaces activated in your Fillz account, the listing will be automatically sent to them within 30 minutes.
For more information check out our Create Item FAQ page.
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