Media Types

These are the media-type options for Amazon’s Book, Music, and Video Loader formats which allow Fillz to create product pages. Fillz also exports eBay non-catolog items according to these fields.

Book Music Video
accessory microfilm cassette blu_ray
album misc_supplies cd_audio cd_video
audio_cd pamphlet dvd_audio dvd
bath_book paperback record dvd_i
board_book paperback_bunko record_12_inch_single dvd_r
bonded_leather paperback_shinsho record_45 hd_dvd
calendar perfect_paperback record_78 laser_disc
card_book plastic_comb record_ep mini_disc
cards pop_up record_lp umd
cassette preloaded_digital_audio_player record_other unknown
cd_mp3 rag_book unknown vhs
cd_rom ring_bound   video_disc
comic roughcut    
diary school    
dvd_rom sheet_music    
flexibound single_issue_magazine    
foam_book spiral_bound    
game stationery    
hardcover tankobon_hardcover    
hardcover_comic tankobon_softcover    
hardcover_spiral textbook    
imitation_leather toy    
journal transparency    
leather_bound turtleback    
library unbound    
loose_leaf unknown    
map vinyl_bound    
mass_market_paperback wall_chart    
microfiche workbook    


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