Questions to consider when requesting a pricing script

Where appropriate, sample options are listed below questions.

  1. If you currently have a pricing script - do you want the new request incorporated into the current script, or do you require a new (separate) script?
  2. What determines your minimum price?
    • Based on cost (Note: you must provide the cost data).
    • Based on flat rate (price items no lower than $5).
    • Based on percentage of item’s base price (price items no lower than 50% of base price).
  3. If price matching or competing, what should be done when there is no competing item?
    • Price at item’s base price.
    • Leave price at whatever current price is on the marketplace (unchanged).
    • Price at 80% of Amazon’s List price (Note: not always available).
  4. Do you want to specify a maximum price?
    • Based on 80% of Amazon’s list price (Note: not always available).
    • Based on 200% of your item’s cost (Note: you must provide the cost data).
  5. If beating or matching lowest marketplace price, is there a maximum discount you want applied?
    • For example, many sellers only want up to a 5% shift in price towards lowest price during each reprice.
  6. If you want specific items suppressed from a marketplace or discounts to be applied based on characteristics of an item, what best uniquely signifies that characteristic?
    • For example, if you want 1st Editions to be marked up by 10%, you’ll need to specify where to look and what the variations may be to designate a 1st Edition.
    • Sample request: First editions contain "1st Ed" or "First Ed" in the note field; please mark those up by 10% for the Alibris Marketplace.
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