Exclude teacher’s editions from Amazon

This script looks at your titles and notes and excludes items from being sent to Amazon if either the title or notes contain any of the following (in any character-case):

  • teacher’s edition
  • teachers' edition
  • teachers edition
  • teacher edition
  • instructor’s edition
  • instructors' edition
  • instructors edition
  • instructor edition
  • advance reading
  • annotated
  • proof (whole word - not part of a word)
var item = FILLZ.ITEM.v1;
if (FILLZ.venue == 'amazon') {
  var pat = /(teacher|instructor)'?s?'? edition|advance reading|annotated|\bproof\b/i;
  if ((pat.test(item.note)) || (pat.test(item.title))) return 0;
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