Beat lowest price by 1%

This script will change your price to BEAT the lowest offer with a % positive rating AT OR ABOVE 90%, in ANY CONDITION on by 1%, while ignoring your own price. If there isn’t competition, the script will use your Base Price. This script applies a price floor of Cost or $1, whichever is greater.

You can also change the price floor from 1.00, the % rating from 90, and the discount value from 1% (0.99) in the script below, if desired.

var item = FILLZ.ITEM.v1;
var f = FILLZ.FILTERS.v1;

// default price
var price = item.base_price;
// price floor
var floor = Math.max(item.cost, 1.00);

// competition filters
var filters = [];
// consider only offers with rating >= 90%
// ignore offers made by me

// filter offers from
var offers = FILLZ.SOURCE.AMAZONUS.v2.offers(filters);

// beat if competitors exist after filtering
var lowest = offers.lowest_price_offer();
if (lowest) {
  var multiplier = 0.99;
  price = lowest.price * multiplier;
  debug('beating lowest price: '+lowest);

//apply price floor
if (price < floor) price = floor;

return price;
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