Re-Pricing Overview

Fillz offers the most flexible and dynamic pricing features in the industry. In order to help sellers re-price inventories effectively, we offer 3 levels of service to meet the various needs of sellers: Standard, Premium, and Enterprise (for those sellers who are looking for that extra competitive edge).

All new accounts are set to the Standard Service package by default. If you would like to be enrolled in either Premium or Enterprise Service, please contact us.

Fillz offers pricing data from AbeBooks, and Amazon.

Fillz offers a Free Script Library full of standard scripts that sellers can use. To see our Script Library, click here.

There are three steps to re-pricing:

  1. Downloading fresh pricing data to compare against. 
  2. Running a pricing script to apply your business rules. 
  3. Exporting price changes to marketplaces. On average, pricing changes are exported to marketplaces within 15 minutes.
Account Types: Click on a link below for more information
Standard Service
  • Manual Re-pricing
  • Free scripts from our Script Library, or customized scripts at $15 per rule
Premium Service
  • Automated Re-pricing
  • Up to 2 hours of free script work per month
Enterprise Service
Our Enterprise Service offers the same great features of our Standard and Premium Services, with added support for larger inventories requiring the most robust repricing available.

How Tos

  • Click here for information about testing your script in the Script Sandbox.
  • Click here for instructions on running your live script.

Standard (Automated) Re-pricing for eBay

For Standard level Fillz accounts, re-pricing can be automated for new and modified listings being sent to eBay. This can be enabled on the eBay Settings page in Fillz:

  1. Click Marketplaces
  2. In the eBay section, click Edit.
  3. Scroll to the Other eBay Settings section of the page.
  4. Check the "Re-price automatically for new and modified items" box.
  5. Click Save Changes.

Some things to watch out for:

  • If you have enabled the auto re-pricer but do not have a pricing script in your account, your listings will not be exported to eBay. You should disable this feature until you have a script in place.
  • Changing the script or changes in competitive pricing will not cause existing items to be repriced.
  • You have to manually run your pricing script to reprice existing items, only new/updated listings will have the script applied automatically.


If you have a Premium or Enterprise Fillz Account, please note that eBay is the only marketplace that we won’t export to until the script has run. For other marketplaces, it is possible that your items will be exported before the script is applied. Please be sure that you set appropriate base prices!

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