Fillz Order Tab Format

payment_status A value of paid_ship_now for order to be picked up by Fillz. This field is blank when Fillz exports orders to sellers.
order_id The Fillz order ID (numeric). If an order has multiple line items, there will be multiple records with the same ID and they will appear continuously in the file.
order_item_id This will be populated for marketplaces which offer specific item id’s for each item in an order.
payments_date The date the customer paid for the order - provided by the marketplace.
payments_transaction_id Marketplace-specific payment number (such as paypal_transaction_id).
product_id ISBN/ASIN/EAN/UPC
item_name The title of item.
listing_id This field can be ignored.
sku Merchant’s unique ID for the physical item.
price The customer facing amount, without any deductions for fees. It should be multiplied by the “quantity_purchased” field for a sub-total. This field is reliable for all marketplaces.
shipping_fee Only reliable for Amazon and Biblio.
quantity_purchased Indicates how many items should be shipped.
purchase_date Identical to payments_date but may be earlier.
special_comments This field will contain the marketplace name followed by a slash (/) and the marketplace order identifier. Example: Amazon/104-1521330-4976212
upc This field will be filled in for non-book items.
ship_method If “Standard” appears anywhere in this field, regardless of case (upper/lower), you should ship using your “slow” method. If “Standard” does not appear, you should ship using a “fast” method. Other text in the field is informational only and should not be used to make shipping method decisions
status This field will display order status such as New.
location This field will display the location of the item if this was in the items' listing.
tracking This field will be filled in if provided to us using the order confirmation process.
buyer_note This field will be filled in if the buyer has provided a note.
seller_note This field will be filled in if you use this field on the web interface.
payment_method This field may contain the payment method from the marketplace.
item_condition This field will contain the numerical number for the item’s condition (as per Amazon condition codes).
item_source If you provided the source for the inventory item, it will be displayed in this field.
cost If you provided a cost for the inventory item, it will be displayed in this field.
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