About AbeBooks

“Launched in 1996, AbeBooks is an online marketplace where you can buy new, used, rare and out-of-print books, as well as cheap textbooks. We connect you with thousands of professional booksellers around the world and millions of books are listed for sale. Shopping on AbeBooks is easy, safe and 100% secure - search for your book, purchase a copy via our secure checkout process and the bookseller ships it straight to you.”

Important Notes:

  • SKUs/Book IDs: AbeBooks does not allow SKUs containing punctuation marks such as commas and periods. If your listings contain these characters, you will need to remove them before Fillz can upload them to AbeBooks.
  • All items with “DVD”, “Music” and/or “VHS” in the “media” or “item type” fields will be filtered from your AbeBooks uploads, in accordance with AbeBooks' policies.
  • Buyers are not charged until orders have been confirmed by the seller.
  • High sales for non-ISBN books(specialty, rare, antique), textbooks and academic books.
  • Shipping: Currently, the definition of “Standard” shipping method in our integration with AbeBooks is a minimum of 3-7 days and a maximum of 12-25 days. If the minimum or maximum are outside of these date ranges, our system won’t recognize the method as “Standard.”
  • Seller Tips page
  • AbeBooks requires international shipping for all items. This cannot be disabled.
  • Please contact AbeBooks to notify them that you will be using Fillz as your inventory management program, so they can set up your account to process files from Fillz.

Becoming a Seller

  1. First you must register for a free buyer account. Click here to create an account.
  2. To register for a North American AbeBooks Seller account, click here. If you are located in Europe, please contact AbeBooks for more information. AbeBooks requires valid Credit Card and Bank Account information for EFT deposits.

Fillz specific notes

  • If you are using the checkbox Confirm orders when moved to "In Process" for AbeBooks, you will not be able to move the order to In Process if the credit card was rejected. Fillz will alert you to credit card rejections if you mark the above box on the AbeBooks configuration page and move an order to In Process.
  • If this checkbox is not checked, the orders will be confirmed a few hours after the order is moved to Shipped.
  • The “Additional Attributes” field is exported to AbeBooks.

Configuring and Activating AbeBooks in Fillz

For instructions on configuring and activating AbeBooks in Fillz, click here.

Order Processing

Requesting extra charges, reducing shipping, and processing returns are not currently available using AbeBooks' automation tools. If you would like to complete one of these processes, sign on to your Abe account and complete them through the Members Menu.

Extra Charges: If you request extra charges for an AbeBooks order, you must not move the order to “In Process” or “Shipped” status in Fillz until the order has been totally completed on AbeBooks (you have requested extra shipping, the buyer has approved it, you have processed the order on AbeBooks, and the buyer has been charged). Moving the order before all of these steps have been completed will result in the order being cancelled on the marketplace.

Condition Codes

Translation of Amazon condition codes for AbeBooks:

  11 => 'New'
   1 => 'Fine'
   2 => 'Very Good'
   3 => 'Good'
   4 => 'Fair'
   5 => 'Fine'
   6 => 'Very Good'
   7 => 'Good'
   8 => 'Fair'
   9 => '--'
  10 => '--'


Click here to go to the AbeBooks.com contact page, or email AbeBooks directly at sellertech@abebooks.com.

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