Fillz Inventory Loader - Definitions

item-name: Title of the listing.

sku: A SKU is a “stock-keeping unit” used to track inventory. Each SKU you create must be unique to an individual item in your current template and existing listings. A SKU can be any alpha-numeric string.

quantity: Number of items you wish to list.

item-note: You can use this field to provide specific details about your item.

will-ship-internationally: A code that indicates the countries to which you are willing to ship:

  • 1 or n = Ship only to customers in the U.S.
  • 2 or y = Ship to customers in and outside of the U.S.

product-id: The ISBN/ASIN/UPC of your item.

product-id-type: The product-id-type is a numerical entry that indicates if the product-id is an ASIN, ISBN, UPC, or EAN. The following are your possible choices:

  • 1 = ASIN
  • 2 = ISBN
  • 3 = UPC
  • 4 = EAN

upc: is a number used to identify items sold in the USA. (Books are also typically assigned a UPC, but the ISBN is more commonly used.) The UPC can be found under the bar code that appears on the product label. If you have UPCs only, you can use this field instead of the Product-id and Product-id-type fields.

price: The price per item.

expedited-shipping: Indicate with a y the listings that you would like to enable for expedited shipping. Indicate with a n any listings for which you do not offer expedited shipping.

item-condition: A numeric entry that indicates the condition of the item. Options:

  • 1 = Used; Like New
  • 2 = Used; Very Good
  • 3 = Used; Good
  • 4 = Used; Acceptable
  • 5 = Collectible; Like New
  • 6 = Collectible; Very Good
  • 7 = Collectible; Good
  • 8 = Collectible; Acceptable
  • 9 = Used; Refurbished (for Electronics and Camera & Photo only)
  • 10 = Refurbished (for Computers, Kitchen & Housewares, Electronics, and Camera & Photo only)
  • 11 = New

image-url: If you have hosted images, you can enter the URL here.

browse-path: Category.

location: Where this item is located in your storage (shelf, warehouse, building, etc).

author: Author/Artist/Director.

publisher: Name of publisher.

cost: This is a discrete field that will not appear on any of your marketplaces. It can be used to keep track of your actual cost.

source: This is a discrete field that will not appear on any of your marketplaces. You can use this field to keep track of your suppliers and/or distributors.

open_date: This will indicate when the item was first entered into Fillz. This date can be changed with an import. The format of the data must be yyyy-mm-dd hh:mm:ss or the open date within the listing will be set to 0's.

pubdate: Year of publication. This field should only contain the year as a 4-digit value and no other information.

media (this field doesn’t appear in export files): Binding.

weight: You can import the weight of your items. The value in this field must include at least one decimal place and must be followed by “lbs” or “lb.” IE: 6.0 lb or 3.25 lbs. Any other unit of measurement won’t be recognized by our system. The weight field can only be imported into Fillz for a brand new listing. You will not be able to modify this field in future imports, even if a weight was not specified during the initial Import for the listing.

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