Amazon Handling Time

Handling time is the time, in days, between when you receive an order for an item and when you can ship the item. This value will be sent to Amazon(s) only. 

Tips for entering handling time:

  • Should contain a positive integer.
  • Should not have more than one value.
  • Should not have range of days or word "days" at the end.

Note: Amazon only accepts handling time in some inventory template files. Due to this, it's possible that some of your listings may not be updated with this value.

Using One Handling Time at Amazon?

If you will only be using a single handling time for all of your Amazon listings, you can configure this on the Marketplaces->Edit page of your Fillz account for Amazon. This is the section you will need to fill in:

The numerical value you enter into the above field will be sent to Amazon if you do not specify a handling time within your individual Fillz listings.

The default handling time will be applied to all new and modified listings. To apply your default handling time to existing listings, you will need to perform a marketplace purge on Amazon through Fillz. Note that if you have listings on Amazon which are not in your Fillz account, you should not perform a purge as it would delete the listings.

Using Multiple Handling Times at Amazon?

To offer multiple handling times at Amazon, you will need to enter the handling times within each Fillz listing.

  • If you import files into Fillz, you can import them in the Fillz Inventory Loader format to indicate the handling time for each listing.
  • If you enter items using the Create Item page, click here for details.
  • If you enter items using the Condition & Price page, click here for details.

Updating Existing Listings with Multiple Handling Times

If you would like to modify your existing inventory in Bulk, export a copy of your inventory out of Fillz in the Fillz Inventory Loader format, edit the file using a product such as Excel, and then import your changes into Fillz to update your inventory. Be sure to import the changes with the Fillz Inventory Loader format selected. To be safe, only import the fields that you want to make changes to.

Review the information here before opening your downloaded file, to ensure it is opened properly.

  • Click here to view instructions for exporting a copy of your inventory from Fillz.
  • Click here to view instructions for importing your changes back into Fillz.


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