Disable FBA in Fillz for Amazon.com

If you have configured FBA in your Amazon settings within Fillz but no longer want Fillz to interact with your FBA listings, you can go to the Marketplaces->Edit page for Amazon.com in your Fillz account to disable FBA.

In the Fulfillment by Amazon section of this page, click on the red Disable FBA drop down, and select one of the two options that appear:

  • Convert all FBA items in Fillz to Fulfilled by Merchant
  • Delete all FBA items from Fillz

After you select one of the above options, a pop up window will appear. Read over the information in the window, and if you would still like to proceed, click the red button to complete the process. If you no longer want to disable FBA in Fillz, you can click the Cancel button.



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